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Frangipani seed

My preferred way of growing frangipani from seed - in Coco Coir

Growing frangipani from seed using Coco-coir and perlite mix

1. Soak your seeds overnight to get them plumped up and ready to start to germinate.

2. Fill up a pot with the coco coir & perlite mix (from Grow, Brew shops).

3. Dampen the mix in the pot.

4. Take your wet seeds and push each one into the soil in your pot. I put around 30-        50 seeds into each of my medium sized pots.

5. Give the seeds another light watering. Cover and put onto a heat mat to keep the          warmth coming up from the bottom.

6. It can take a few days until the seeds start popping up out of the coco-coir mix.

7. Make sure you are lightly spraying the seeds in the pot every one or two days.

8. Once the seeds start popping up, give them a light watering each day.

9. Remove the cover once the seedlings are about 30mm tall.

10. These seedlings can stay in their pots for up to 9-12 months - it is called gang              planting and it gives you a whole lot more room to grow your frangipani. I have           great success growing my seeds this way and find it is a no fuss, no worry              method.

Posted: Wednesday 15 March 2023


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