Frangipani seeds & loads of helpful advice

Frangipani seed & loads of helpful advice

Frangipani seed


I have had a love for frangipanis for many years now, and since moving to Northland NZ with the fabulous weather I have been able to satisfy my desires to have these beauties all around me.

I have grown from seed, cuttings and bought several plants in pots. Summertime is great joy when they burst into flower. Each one is so beautiful to my eyes.

Growing frangipani from seed is fabulous to experience and it becomes rather addictive too. 

A forever changing supply of tropical frangipani seeds

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How can anyone resist ordering seeds! Such a fabulous selection all displayed so professionally on a superb website. I found the website easy to use and I liked the option at the end to go to your internet banking to pay online. This all worked very well. 

I appreciated the email I got back to confirm my order, an "Order Summary". This was very clear and contained superb detail including clear Terms and Conditions and lots of helpful information. The correspondence from the courier company was OTT!!! One message to say they had picked up my order, another to say it was on the way and a third to say it had been delivered. Wow! So impressive. 

My order was delivered within a few days of me ordering it. My seeds arrived very nicely packaged and were in excellent condition. 

This is my 4th order from Infinite Frangipani, and I am happy to report that all seeds from the previous 3 orders are growing very successfully with an excellent germination rate. I cannot speak highly enough of your superb, professional service. 

Your No 1 Frangipani Fan

- Nadine

A1 - very happy with my order and straight forward to shop and speedy delivery. Awesome.

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